Sunday, July 16, 2006

Note to Self: Future Husband Must Be Willing To Relocate to NYC

The trip to NYC was wonderful, yet strange. At a loss for words right now, but the thought that keeps running through my ticker is that I'm never more myself than when I go to NY. In this city of millions, I get more of a sense of my individuality unlike I've never experienced. Someone please move there with me soon. That's what I'm going to wish for tonight. I'm posting some highlights below:

On The Ave. Hotel
This is my 5th trip to NY and I'd never stayed on the Upper West Side before. A little bit of a hike to the 72nd street 1 train, but it was definately worth it. And with a nice welcome note from the plasma television, this hotel was a treat.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
The show was great, the 2 1/2 hour wait in the pouring rain was not. We did everything we could to stay dry and pass the time, including "sitting" up against the wall, wishing for a rob corddry skit, texting Mindy about the hot gays in front of us in line, wondering why no one else was as grouchy as me. But I have to say Jon certainly made up for it. He is such a handsome man, much more so than the "squirmish jew vibe" he claims to give off on TV. Shawn Wayans was the guest, promoting his latest box office bomb, Little Man. (why does Hollywood keep greenlighting Wayans bros. scripts?-----FUCK!!!!!!!!!) and Ed Helms had a story on a straight man that was appalled at the gay neighborhood he moved into in San Francisco. Side Note: Ed Helms is a closet pimp. While his story was running, he was standing in the studio stage left watching it on the monitor in jeans and a t-shirt sans glasses and helmet hair.....aka..totally cute.

The Magnolia Bakery
Ok, ok, I know going to "the" Magnolia Bakery is kinda dorky, cliche, and not cool, nor funny anymore, but I couldn't help it! They really do have the bomb frosting. I would have bought a baker's dozen and shipped them straight to my stomach, but it was scorching outside and heat mixed with lots of sugar= equals pukey pie. Amanda and I sat in the park across the street from the bakery and macked on our delicioso cupcakes. Some sprinkles fell off, but not to worry the pigeons helped us with the mess.

What's for Breakfast at Cosi's?
We unexpectedly came across Cosi's on our way to the subway on Thursday morning. Holy shit! It was like a vision! "Yes, sir can I have a plain squagel with cream cheese and a tall vanilla latte?"

If I thought that Wesley Willis died, I was wrong. His ghost has inhabited a crazy man on 14th street. Someone get this man a drum machine and a casio. After every sentence, he makes a "cccrrrr" sound like he's changing the channels in his noggin. He also believes that Harrison Ford and the guy from "the transporter" should do a movie together.

I gotta wrap this up, but before I do, I gotta make a couple recommendations:

Pick up Corinne Bailey Rae's new album. I bought it recently, not because she's VH1's newest buzz musician, but because Teitur co-wrote a song on the album called, "Choux Pastry Heart", and anything Teitur touches is amazing and beautiful. Her lyrics are everything that I've been realizing lately and could not come at a better time. I like her because you can't put her into a category and that, to me, says a lot.

"Long Way Down" by Nick Hornby. No reason. It's just a good read. Go buy it because I said. Word.

Think Worldly.

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