Sunday, July 09, 2006

Welcome! my lazy Sunday

Welcome to the first post for "Standing on 14th Street, Tales from a Velour Recliner! So glad you found us in our miniscule corner of the net. Hopefully this will be the start of something great! I got the job of commencing the first writing and I've been completely clueless as to what to write about. When I went to college, my first english professor always liked to drill the idea that you should "write what you know". But what if you only know pop culture minutiae? (Which as we all know is similar to having what the French call "shit for brains") On this blog, Janelle and I hope to unravel the greatest mysteries behind life's biggest questions.......just kidding..........but we do hope to make you giggle, chuckle, chortle, shriek, snort, guffaw, howl, beam, and convulse with laughter. (sometimes)

My lazy sunday:

Apparently there is an untapped goldmine at the local Sonic
Where do I apply? ooops...just kidding...they were talking about the shakes being rich...not the actual employees. If you want to break it down shake-wise, the employees earn($) about 1 1/2 shakes per hour. Shake it! Shake it!

I will never find a better mall than Firewheel Town Center
I actually loathe most malls, but not Firewheel. An outdoor mall, they have inconspicuous bose speakers weaving in and out of the plants, trees and lampposts. And they blast the best music. No Carpenters or Josh Groban here, they rock to the sounds of Radiohead, The Shins, and Neil Young. I like coming there stictly for the good time I have walking around listening to the music. I like to think that it makes the shoppers smarter, better people. Arming a society with good music-choosing ability instead of guns would cut down on so much unnecessary hate crimes!

So I turned down several opportunities to go "hang out" this weekend (which is code for "miller time"). I used my lame excuse, "I have to save $ for my trip to new york, guys! Sorry! But have a good time!" ....and while I had the best intentions, I was going insane by 11:30am Saturday morning. I convinced myself that I deserved a new pair of shoes since I would be doing so much walking in NYC. Nevermind the fact that I have a new pair of Adidas Running shoes, and killer blue and brown Kangaroos. I swayed myself saying "well........the adidas are for the gym and the kangas won't match most of my outfits." So, without any further adieu.....let me introduce my new friend, Rocket Dog. I was going for a rugged, Pee Wee Herman-style shoe. These are my first pair of Rocket Dogs and let me tell you, we are quickly becoming the talk of the town. Hail, Hail Rocket Dog!!!!!

I pass this sign everyday and yet today I felt such contempt. When I first moved to Dallas, I used to avoid this highway completely. Not because it's a tollway and I'm cheap, but because a highway that is named after someone that is still alive is just disgusting. Not to mention czar-like. Why couldn't it be named after a good citizen of Larry Hagman?

Even on my most boringest day, I can still "write what I know". It's never that hard. I will be travelling to my home in a pastlife (NYC) on Wed and I'm sure that I will have lots to tell, as I don't plan on being bored in NYC. I'm going to live out my lifelong dream of singing on the subway for money. to follow.....

Love life in the new week ahead!

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  1. "President" George Bush? Which one? If current, what happens when he leaves office? Ugh.

    I'm so envious of your NYC trip.