Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Making good on at least one promise to myself.

Kazakh craze
The saw much-anticipated, duly-hyped I might add, Borat movie this weekend.

What the critics are saying is absolutely true:
1) It is, arguably, the funniest film of all time.
2) Be prepared to laugh like you haven't in a looooooong time.
3) For a "joke" film, it has moments of near tear-jerking profundity.

I laughed so hard at points that I literally thought my sides would seize and suffocate me; a pleasure I haven't experienced since I saw Patton perform with the Comedians of Comedy in Chicago this past April. I also thought that I would start crying, especially at the end, when the reality of the typical American’s ignorance and bigotry really hits home.

Speaking of; trailer alert! My Borat viewing featured a trailer for the Reno 911! film that I didn't even know was in the works; also starring, amongst the rest of the State/Reno/Viva Variety day players, Mr. Patton Oswalt. It's slated for release in February 2007.

Oh yeah. It promises to be awesome.

Sleepy Science
I've been quite the moviegoer as of late; about three weeks ago I made it out with friends to see film writer/director extraordinaire Michel Gondry's latest masterpiece, The Science of Sleep. Aside from being brilliantly written and directed in Gondry's true dream-sequence style, it starred the man who the mere mention of his name summons near-orgasmic responses in men and women alike; Gael Garcia Bernal.



As I was saying.

While the plotline was somewhat hard to follow due to the fact that Gondry made no attempt at distinguishing the main character's dream life from real life (assuming, of course, that the two were mutually exclusive), the imagery -- as always in his films, videos, and commercials -- was jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

I also loved the fact that the dialogue in the film was conducted in Spanish, French, and English -- sometimes all at once. It just was yet another endearing quirk with which Gondry's works are always so well-saturated. Although, I had to agree with Beth, I would not have liked to have been in charge of the subtitling of the film.

Future Travels and Goings-on
My week-long visit to Seattle is fast-approaching; plane leaves November 19th! I'm also planning on Chicago visits between Thanksgiving and Christmas and also New Year's Eve weekend to celebrate the incoming of my 27th year with Dee-ah-nah.

And, quite possibly, a Dallas trip early next year will be in order to visit my bloggy cohort?

Regardless, reports will be sure to follow. Stay tuned!

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