Monday, July 10, 2006


While I used to frequent movie theatres often, it seems there's never time anymore. It's not a lack of interest or funds, there's just always something more pressing to attend to -- such as watching Cardinals games from the comfort of my sofa -- and invariably I'll miss the theatrical release.

Then the DVD release. Then maybe, if I remember, I'll catch it on IFC or one of the Encores (the only movie channels included in our satellite plan).

But no more. This year I resolve to make it out to see at least one of the following (in order of importance):

A Scanner Darkly
X-Men: The Last Stand
Superman Returns

The Borat Movie
Strangers with Candy

While Linklater's pretention and ego is normally too huge to fit a box of popcorn -- let alone an audience -- into a movie theatre, I must admit that my interest in all things "end of the world" is piqued. Plus, the film's rotoscoping animation style in of itself is enough to get me off the sofa...after all, it was is so captivating that I even sat through all of Waking Life at the Tivoli.

X-Men and Superman
I'm of the firm opinion that it's only worth seeing "Action" genred films on the big screen, with the big sound. Until I can set that up at home, regardless of how campy (i.e. Sky Captain, Harry Potter films), I'll always be willing to spring for the theatre.

Borat and Strangers
Regardless of how horrible these may turn out to be (The Onion's AV Club reviewer gave Strangers what-for), they feature some of my favorite comedians, so it's worth the risk to me.

Conversely, a movie I specifically intend to not see -- and I'm sure Fraction Jackson here is with me -- is this piece of shit. I was reminded that this disaster was in the works this weekend thanks to G4's promos for its Kevin Smith Icons feature, which was "brought to you by..." this film. Then I finally caught its nauseating trailer last night during the Cards game.

Kev, I used to love you...but I don't even know you anymore.

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