Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kenny Powers: Just an Average Guy with Exceptional Hair

It took me all season to decide whether or not I really liked this show. Fortunately it was only 6 episodes long, and fortunately I ended up favoring it after all.

I think it's because Danny McBride's (and Will Farrell's) brand of comedy isn't necessarily "haw-haw" funny; it's so subversive and dry to the point that it almost takes itself too seriously to even be considered comedy.

So once you accept that the story's hero is a complete and total unrepentant prick, it's scenes like this totally make the show thoroughly enjoyable.


  1. WOW. He had a point though.
    Unfortunately, it's blown to pieces by that low hair-lined mullet...thing...he calls hair.

  2. Let us also not forget the turquoise. Heheh.