Sunday, September 21, 2008

No, You're the Dummy!

Last week we watched Dummy, a sentimental little indie flick staring Adrien Brody as a young man who quits his 9-5 office job to fulfill his dreams of becoming a ventriloquist. It was cute, and pretty funny; costars were Illeana Douglas and Jessica Walter (of Arrested Development fame) and both never cease to crack me up.

However, more notably than the movie I couldn't help but notice the entire soundtrack was reigned by a certain male singer/songwriter's whine; starting with the opening sequence and peppered in at least 2-3 other moments into the movie as well. His timbre was reminiscent of an early-90s Twin Cities Dave Pirner / Paul Westerberg variety; but I couldn't quite place where I'd heard that voice before.

So I set about some research and found the guy's name is Mike Ruekberg. I open the flash site, and on the very front page I get my answer.

His most current project is The Red Button, who I fell in love with last year; or more specifically, with their retro-tastic single "She's Going Down." I have to say, his partnership with this fellow Seth proves a much richer, and far more interesting and fun audible experience than his solo work ever could have been.

Though I can only strongly recommend the Button, you can stream sounds from both on their-respective-spaces:

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  1. I so very much adore Adrian Brody. I also dig this band! Why for you been holding out on me? They have such a nice 60's sound.