Friday, August 29, 2008


Lame, but this is the phrase that comes to mind when I open to its photo shoot in this week's EW.

The photography is so high-contrast, the poses far more provocative than your typical EW spread. It was so similar to high-fashion model photography that I had to check out the guy, Guy Aroch to be exact, online. He makes Jennie and Shannen look like super foxes; and I don't even think either (especially Doherty) are especially attractive.

His website only has a link to e-mail.

Then I found this:

He does pretty gorgeous stuff.


  1. Shannon Doherty has the most crooked eyes ever in the history of television!!! One of them is literally melting down her cheek dood!!!
    How did they not see that when they cast her?!!

    I do not understand.

  2. I know, creepy huh? I remember watching one scene as a kid; she was looking in a mirror, and it was even more pronounced than usual. It really creeped me out.

    Jennie's a cutie though. I think she's foxier now than she was as a teen.