Thursday, July 10, 2008

... shouldn't it be the "Old Foges on the Block"?

Coming soon to an arena near you, the New Kids on the Block!

Seriously, is anyone going to attend the shows on this tour? Who is interested? People like me, whose 10 year-old selves adored them above God way back when? Are they taking their kids along? Is there a new album?

This, along with the announcement of the "new" 90210 (with Shannen Dougherty, Jennie Garth and Joe E. Tata rumored to be involved) seems so hopelessly sad and desperate. I just have no idea what kind of an audience this seriously appeals to; as far as I can tell, this only applies to the "morbid curiosity" sector in which old fans have in has-beens.

Which, while it's certainly not enough to actually purchase tickets to a mega-theatre concert; it probably is enough to the CW this fall ... if for no other reason but to see just how bad Shannen and Jennie look compared to the new teen class.


  1. Oh gross. On two counts. I was a fan of neither, and do not foresee myself becoming one on their second runs either.

  2. Hopefully Marky Mark and the Funky bunch are opening up for them.

    I know Jennie Garth is still way hot; I saw a few promos of her on the last go round of Dancing With The Stars.

  3. Sadly, I was a fiend for the trash back in the day. It hasn't changed much. I found myself drawn to the second season of the OC, and the third season of American Idol, but I blame my 24 addiction to that.

    Stupid FOX network. Just goes to prove that watching TV does nothing but rot the brain.