Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So here's the thing ...

Given my admitted soft spot for all things chintzy-pop, I am an love with the viral video du jour; and let's face it, the featured band in said video.

Partly because their music is catchy, poppy, happy, and goofy; partly because their lyrics are actually quite clever (even if trite and contrived); and partly, to state the obvious, because their videos are consistently awesome.

But the largest selling point for me was OKGO's frontman's op-ed piece for the Times that was published a few weeks ago appropriately-entitled "Whose Tube," which ironically supports the very idea of me posting their video.

Being American, I love things that are right and whole in a moment in time. This is one of those things.

Do watch the video and enjoy along.


  1. Great article! I'm constantly frustrated by YouTube telling me I can't embed videos I want to share, but so far, I'm at least still able to link directly to them. That's something, anyway.

    Ps, by the way...The video was lost when you posted this on Facebook. Lame, eh?

  2. I know, it sucks! I don't know why it doesn't feed to my notes. Lame!