Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Best Show You're (probably) Not Watching

Hal. He was everyone's favorite Malcolm in the Middle character. Ever the scene-thief Bryan Cranston constantly stole the show with his dopey, lovable retard-husband-of-a-hen-pecking-wife antics; really, he was the dad we all always wanted.

So it's really no surprise that his follow-up to the defunct series is as Papa Bear on another series based in a Southwestern landscape.

Only this time, it's serious.

Set in the sleepy backdrop of Albuquerque, NM (and thankfully not Franklin Co, MO), Breaking Bad touts the city as the Meth Capitol of the Universe where Walt White holds sway ... or would be if only he could get a methed-out Latino drug lord or his DEA brother-in-law off his trail.

Did I mention this guy is a hen-pecked-husband/father-of-a-disabled-son-with-another-on-the-way who also happens to be a high school chemistry teacher that was recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and given months to live?

So many layers. So many incredible actors. Such great writing. So many reasons to watch.

And yet, since its home network is AMC, I wouldn't be surprised to find that no one really is.


  1. We've been watching, since episode 1! Love it.

  2. It's just soooo goooood!!!

  3. AMC is great about showing worthwhile stuff. Though I am disgruntled with their shift in movie format. I miss the old old movies they always showed 24/7. No one does that anymore.

    Anyway, I saw a commercial for Breaking Bad about a week ago I think, and meant to check it out, but of course immediately forgot. I pretty much never watch tv these days. *Note to self*

  4. If you can, watch the first season first. The second season starts immediately where the other one left off.

    Anywho, how many times can one be expected to watch the edited version if Blazing Saddles? It's pretty much pointless.