Monday, February 16, 2009

The American Version

Musically speaking, Philadelphia continues to surprise and impress me. In 1998 it was the Delta 72. In 1999 it was The Friggs, only I didn't realize they were Philadelphian until just recently. 2006 was Mazarin. In 2007, Dr. Dog and Man Man.

The 2009 Philly band du jour (thanks to Brian, as was Dr. Dog) is The Swimmers, an indie-pop outfit that composes harmonious rockers a la New Pornographers way. Only non-supergroup. And, you know, non-Canadian (yes, I'm aware that Neko isn't Canadian).

The 2008 album is quite good, and I'm wondering where I can get my hands on a copy; for the meantime I'll just have to stream the entire album, Fighting Trees at their website.

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  1. It's good stuff, for sure. I especially like the album art. Doodles...