Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Afternoon Challenge

The idea started when I was listening to my albums today while working. It occurs to me that the fine art of the Side Two, Track One has been lost in the digital shuffle; starting with CDs and now certainly in the iTunes download-as-you-like world. But when you stop and think about it, some of the best -- and certainly my favorite -- songs come somewhere mid-way through the album. Yes. Side Two, Track One is the unsung hero of the music world. So here is my afternoon tribute to Side Two, Track One; based entirely only on albums in my possession.

1. "Every Breath You Take" - The Police, Syncronicity
I think I can speak for everyone when I say this is the world's favorite song about the fine art of stalking.

2. "God Only Knows" - The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds
Those boys' lyrics sure are as sweet as their harmonies.

3. "Red Eyed and Blue" - Wilco, Being There
Just a great song about the misery that comes with being drug-obsessed sell outs ... and it launches straight into the next song, which is a very hopeful, fun singalong.

4. "Passionate Kisses" - Lucinda Williams, Lucinda Williams
Before she sold the rights to whats-her-face to make the song a multi-platinum single, my favorite southern fried singer/songwriter recorded her own version of the song on this release. I like it; it's straight-forward, and a really, honest sweet love song.

5. "Don't Get Me Wrong" - The Pretenders, Get Close
This is just an infectious, dance-y delicious pop song.

6. "Moonchild" - Cibo Matto, Stereo-type A
Easily my favorite song on this album, it's silky-smooth R&B as sung by two adorable Japanese funk/soul/rap/trip/hop rockers. They are badass.

7. "Beat It" - Michael Jackson, Thriller
Ahh, the glory days of when MJ was still black. It's one of his greatest hits, and definitely was one of my favorite videos of his; but I dare you to hear this song and not have Yankovic's version plaguing your brain for the rest of the day. Eh, Brian?

8. "Janie Jones" - The Clash, The Clash
This is my favorite Clash song. End of story.

9. "Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel, An Innocent Man
I love the Joel, and this song is a nice nod of his to the "fairer days" of the 50s. At least, stylistically speaking.

10. "Ripple" - The Grateful Dead, American Beauty
I save this for 10 because I know the GIGANTIC ration of shit I'm going to get from loads of people ... but I chose it only because A) it's legitimately a great Side Two, Track One and B) it's involvement in the series finale of Freaks and Geeks. And yeah, I like it. So sue me. I can't like one Dead song?!

Now it's your turn, here are the rules (yes, of course there are rules):
1. Go to your vinyl collection (vinyl only will do, no cheating by using your CDs).
2. They must be original release LPs. I.e. No "Greatest Hits" or other compilations.
3. Pick out your 10 favorite Side Two, Track Ones.
4. Post your answers in a comment to this blog.

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